The pipe organ


The organ was rebuilt in 2002 with mechanical action by Principal Pipe Organs of York (Geoffrey Coffin). The Consultant was Ian Bell who also designed the case.

The instrument has 21 speaking stops and 1,312 pipes ranging in length from 16 feet to 1/2 inch. It uses all the pipework from the original 1885 organ built by Franklin Lloyd of Liverpool, with several hundred new pipes added. It is an effective accompanimental instrument (including frisky hymn tunes) and is versatile in coping with the organ repertoire.

The Inaugural Recital was given by Professor Ian Tracey, Organist Titulaire of Liverpool Cathedral.



  Great Organ     Swell Organ     Pedal Organ  
** Open Diapason 8   Open Diapason 8   Sub Bass 16
@ Stopped Diapason 8   Lieblich Gedeckt 8   Bass Flute (From Sub Bass) 8
  Principal 4 @ Salicional 8   Trombone 16
* Open Flute (Tapered) 4   Vox Angelica (C13) 8      
  Fifteenth 2   Principal 4   Great to Pedal  
* Mixture (22.26.29) III * Flageolet 2   Swell to Pedal  
* Sesquialtera (12.17) II * Nineteenth (From Mixture) 1 1/3      
* Trumpet 8 * Mixture (15.19.22) II-III      
      ** Contra Fagotto 16      
  Swell to Great     Cornopean 8      

* New pipework (F. Booth & Son, Leeds)
** New and re-constructed pipework (F. Booth & Son, Leeds)
@ Stock pipework

Organ case design by Ian Bell, using existing decorative carvings as elevated pipe shades.

Organ Builder: Principal Pipe Organs of York (Geoffrey Coffin)
Consultant: Ian Bell

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