About us

At St. Peter's church we hold together the traditional, the new, and have a congregation of all ages. St. Peter's is the focus of worship but the work of the church reaches out throughout the parish be it pastoral care, providing services in homes, reaching out to the young and enjoying each other's company. The setting of the church itself is within a the centre of the parish and welcomes all. There is a service each day as well as the main Sunday services and one of the traditions we enjoy is the provision of choral music at many services. ( Times of services )

The parish has close ties with the local primary school nearby and there are clubs for children, scouts, guides and brownies and a thriving Mother’s Union which reaches out in friendship to many people, men and  women, who enjoy the fellowship. If you come to one of our services for the first time please feel free to introduce yourself to a sidesperson.  We would love to meet you!
             Father, we come to church to worship -
             to listen and talk, learn and pray.
             We come to meet our friends - young and old.
             We come to hear more about Jesus - and to share with others
             What we already know.
             Father, that’s why we come to church - and come gladly.
             When we go home, help us to be the church -
             your people, living your world.
From Prayers Before Worship