Locating the Grave


Once you have located the individual you are looking for from the alphabetical list, you can click on the grave number in the table and view a photograph of the grave, this will give you a good idea of what you are looking for and probably further readable details. There are no photographs of the graves in section NCY K. The are all 30 cm * 20cm tablets set into the turf.
Note: We are in the process of adding over 1300 photos, please be patient whilst we add these to the website.
Following the decease’s name the letters OCY or NCY, Section letter and grave number are the key to locating the grave. Eg. NCY F105. First view the St Peters Church Yard Plan which will indicate the position of NCY F or any of the other 13 different Sections. Then view the plan for Section NCY F  to locate the position of grave 105 by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Please note that NCY A001 is a grave in the New Church Yard whilst OCY A001 is in the Old Church Yard. 


St Peters Church Yard Section Plan - this illustrates where each of the sections are in relationship to the Church

Plan for OCY Section A

Plan for OCY Section B

Plan for OCY Section C

Plan for OCY Section D

Plan for NCY Section A

Plan for NCY Section B

Plan for NCY Section C

Plan for NCY Section D

Plan for NCY Section E

Plan for NCY Section F

Plan for NCY Section G

Plan for NCY Section H

Plan for NCY Section J

Plan for NCY Section K