St Peter's Church Grave Records for the Old Church Yard 


The list of church grave records shows in alphabetical surname order all those who were mentioned on the grave stones within the “Old and New Church Yards” of St Peter’s, Formby.


The list has been split into five separate pages - surnames beginning A-E, F-L, M-Q, R-T and U-Z, use the navigation options on the left hand side of this page to see the appropriate list of surnames.


By clicking on the Grave Number, an image of the grave will be displayed using the photo sharing software Dropbox in a separate window. 


Where more than one photograph of a tombstone exists they are numbered C005 (1), C005 (2) etc. These show names on the sides of the stone which are not visible on the front or main photo.


Photos sometimes show names of other people buried in the same grave but with different surnames. In the case of A045 there are records for Charteris, James and Rice. These names and their details should be viewed under their individual surname.


The letters “a” or “b” following a grave number for example C005a or C005b indicate separate graves.


If you would like to visit the grave, please check out the Church Yard Plans to give you an idea of its location in relation to the Church.


If you notice any errors within these records please let us know.


Commonwealth War Graves

Our church yard contains ten Commonwealth War Graves for the following individuals:


 Flight Sergeant  Walter Alexander  Dixon  Royal Canadian Air Force
 Private  Reginald  Edgar  Training Reserve
 Sergeant  John Alfred  Entwistle  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
 Major  Robert  Hodgins  Indian Army
 Private  H  Holme  The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
 Private  Richard Walter  Jackson  The King's (Liverpool Regiment)  NCY D053
 Private  Harry  Lovelady  Royal Army Veterinary Corps
 Private  Herbert Leopold  Rheam  London Regiment (Artists' Rifles)
 Major  Roger Cecil  Seys  Royal Garrison Artillery
 Corporal  Stuart Anthony  Weeks  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve





  • This is not a complete list of all those who are buried here by any means.
  • Italicised data are records obtained from St Peter’s burial records which are to be found at Crosby Library. 
  • Abbreviations used within the data:-


* Double grave els Elder son
1std First daughter estd Eldest daughter
2nds Second son ests Eldest son
2ndw Second wife f Father
2ndd Second daughter gd Granddaughter
3rdd Third daughter gs Grandson
3rds Third son h Husband
3rdw Third wife infd Infant daughter
4thd Fourth daughter infs Infant son
4ths Fourth son kia Killed in action
5thd Fifth daughter m mother
5thson Fifth son s son
b brother sil Son-in-law
bur Buried sing Single
cos Cousin w Wife
d Daughter wid Widow
dd died yrd Younger daughter
dil Daughter-in-law yrs Younger son
dow Died of wounds ystd Youngest daughter
eld Elder daughter ysts Youngest son


Whilst every effort was made to check and re check our findings it should be remembered that many of these grave stones are sandstone and subject  to deterioration due to their age and the weather. As such, some errors will have occurred and it is recognised that in a few cases we entered what we believed correct but could not be certain. St Peter's Church, parish records for deaths should be checked if in doubt.


We thank all those who helped with recording the inscriptions including Valerie Walker, David Bell, Michael Fletcher, Enid Helm, Meryl Petrie and the late Neil Petrie, David and Glenys Poole, Joyce Sherman, Ken Ward, John Medley, Kathleen Medley, Neville Briscoe, Christine Briscoe.


Richard Walker and Randall Enoch.  


Information correct as at January 2014