Baptism in St Peters Church, FormbySt Peter's, Formby has an open baptism policy. This begins from a belief that baptism is a free gift from God, graciously given to all who would receive it and that, although the faith of individuals may be limited, the faith of the Church will make up for this.


St Peter's, Formby is the parish church and its doors are open to all comers, no matter where they lie on the spectrum of Christian witness. Our Christian approach is one of generosity, welcome, nuture and support.


Baptism will be offered to anyone who lives within the parish boundaries unconditionally and, at the discretion of the clergy, those with a qualifying connection with St Peter's.


Baptisms will normally take place at 12 noon on the 1st Sunday on the month. Families will be offered the possibility of having the baptism during the 10.00am Parish Eucharist.


Wherever possible, families will be visited in their homes before the baptism service by a baptism visitor so that the content and meaning of the service can be discussed. The visitor will then be present at the baptism service.


Anniversary cards will be sent each year after the baptism until the child starts school.


All those baptised will be invited to the annual baptism reunion service as well as to other specific services and festivals for children and young families.

To arrange a baptism please contact the Parish Office: tel: 01704 871171 or e-mail: