Pause For Thought

The feast of St. Peter and St. Paul on 29th June has become the season when most ordinations take place in the Church of England.  The nature of these two saints must be a constant reminder to all those who are called to the sacred ministry that God chooses the most unlikely people to serve him in his world.  This applies equally to those who find themselves serving in lay ministries as to those who are ordained as Bishops, Priests or Deacons.  “How odd of God to choose me!”
I doubt if either of these two great heroes of the early church would have been recommended for training by the church authorities today.  Indeed, I doubt if they would even have got as far as a selection conference, let alone be recommended for training.  Peter – the one who had such good intentions, was constantly seen to be “putting his foot in it!”  Paul – even worse – an active destroyer of the faith, and persecutor of those who professed it.  Would you choose either of these as your next Vicar? 
Yet even today God is calling the most unlikely people - you and me for example – to do great things for him.  The one thing that Peter and Paul have in common is that whatever may seem to have been a barrier to the fulfilling of God’s call to them, they both gave their whole beings in the work of the Gospel.  By the grace of God they were able to use the basic goodness and talents with which they were endowed to help establish the Gospel in many parts of the then known world.  We are reminded that God’s ways are not our ways, and each one of us is called in a thousand different ways to confess Christ in our lives, and to be a blessing to others.  Remembering the example of Peter and Paul, the question must be asked by each one of us “How is God calling me to serve him?”


Fr. Paul